Article Submission

Thank you for considering OVERLAND magazine to showcase your travel experience.

The style, ethos and quarterly nature of Overland means that submitted articles can afford to be longer than those in many publications at between 1,800 and 2,400 words, but we don’t serialise journey reports.

We prefer to focus on culture, social interaction and geography more than the bikes themselves, and therefore offer higher priority to articles reflecting that. There are many quality publications on the market that prioritise the machine or the endurance of the ride. Similarly, an experience, a captured moment in time, or a story narrative, will be preferred over a daily diary or ‘ride report’.

OVERLAND is happy to feature journeys through Scotland as much as Senegal, if the text is engaging and the photography inspiring.

If you would like to submit a piece of work for possible inclusion in a future issue of OVERLAND, please forward your submission and a sample of images to for consideration.

Word or Open Office text files are preferred and always put your name and email address on the document. Please do not send pdfs or include images within a Word document, and please send all files as attachments only, not within the body of an email. Images should be jpegs and, in the first instance, no larger than 2 mb each. We reserve the right to edit submissions if necessary to meet restrictions of space or other criteria.

Please do not send blog links or Flickr account details. As good as your writing may be, we do not have time to read through a thread to see if there is a magazine article hidden in there somewhere. Sorry!

Thank you for your interest in OVERLAND magazine and perhaps you’ll join our international list of contributors.