4 great reasons to ride in Scotland this summer!

As any sensible person knows, a motorbike is the best way to tour a country – and Scotland is one of the best countries in the world to go motorcycle touring, with stunning scenery, delicious roads and a thriving, friendly community of local riders. And since you aren’t setting off for Nepal anytime soon, it’s even better!
The main downside of motorcycle touring is the aggravation of packing up all your gear every morning and stowing it on the bike. Two-night-minimum accommodation bookings also add hassle when you’re trying to follow a linear route. Happily, this year, there’s an alternative, diligently researched and organised by Overland Event attendee and dynamo, Kona Macphee!
The Crieff Cloverleaf is a set of four spectacular all-day touring routes in Scotland, especially designed for an adventurous motorbike holiday. Each route starts and ends in the beautiful hillside town of Crieff, Perthshire – so you can ride all four of them, and still come back to the same bed each night.
Covering over 870 miles to the north, south, west and east of Crieff, the routes take in some of Scotland’s most-loved biking roads and some hidden gems too. From the Cairngorms to the Borders, the West Coast mountains to the seascapes of the east, you’ll see jaw-dropping landscapes while riding a great mix of sweeping A-roads, meandering country byways and adventurous single track.

Each Crieff Cloverleaf route involves around 6 hours on the bike, divided into four separate legs. Daily distances range from 188 to 238miles, depending on terrain. Each leg ends at a suitable spot for a coffee stop or lunch break, and wherever possible, stops also have a petrol station and toilet facilities available.
And of course you can combine the whole thing with the RideTheWorld.uk challenge, visiting Alexandria (Egypt), Calgary (Canada), Moscow (Russia) and Turin (Italy) among other places.

For those who prefer shorter riding days or a weekend visit, the Crieff Cloverleaf additionally offers the Little Leaf, an enticing set of four three-hour routes also centred on Crieff.

To help find biker-friendly accommodation, the Crieff Cloverleaf offers its own accommodation enquiry service, RoomLink. There are plenty of additional options in the area too, from luxury hotels to self-catering properties. Crieff also has a great selection of top-notch cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and take-aways, plus superb specialist food and drink shops, a petrol station and full supermarket facilities.
Scotland’s incredible landscapes and exceptional roads make it a must-ride destination for motorcyclists from all over the world. The Crieff Cloverleaf is a new entry for your biker bucket list!
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