A mini mechanical footpump!

Bikers dream pumpCompact, light and powerful enough to inflate a flat motorcycle tyre in just a few minutes, the Bikers Dream Mini Footpump is a really practical addition to any rider’s roadside repair kit.
Ideal for riders who travel in places where access to recovery services is limited, the Mini Footpump is equally useful for reinflating after some loose surface riding if you’ve reduced your pressures.

Measuring just 19 x 10 x 8 cm when packed up, and weighing only 550 grams, the Mini Footpump takes up minimal space in rucksack or panniers and weighs little more than a can of chain lube.

Engineered to perform in the most challenging conditions, and built to last, it’s made from top quality DuPont ABS with an aluminium barrel for consistent and reliable air delivery. A ‘high volume’ mode allows for faster inflation, so the rider can get back on the move and out of potentially dangerous roadside positions quicker. Being completely mechanical it will also work if your battery isn’t strong enough to power an electric pump.

The generous, one-metre long hose allows for easy access to tricky tyre valves, and the built-in digital gauge helps ensure an accurate pressure is achieved every time.

It’s versatile too; the Mini Footpump features a dual valve head, which is suitable for bicycle valves should you meet a globetrotting cyclist in distress, and comes with adaptors for air beds and footballs too. An optional shock absorber inflation line is also available.

The Bikers Dream Mini Footpump costs just £39 including VAT, and is available from www.nippynormans.com.