Adding loads of electrical accessories?

Riders no longer need to blow a fuse over adding multiple electrical accessories to their machines, thanks to the ‘Fuzeblock FZ-1’ Switchable Fuse Panel from Nippy Normans.Fuzeblock-internal

Easy to install and compact (it measures just 8.25 x 6.35 x 3.17 cm) the FZ-1 allows multiple devices to be attached to a 12-volt motorcycle electrical system without messy, complicated wiring set-ups.

Fuzeblock-externalThe unique board layout provides six individually fused circuits that can each supply constant or switched power to accessories and add-ons, such as heated grips and clothing, auxiliary lights and navigation systems.

The FZ-1 requires no crimping or soldering, simply connect each device with the heavy-duty screw terminals, and select switched or constant power as required. The FZ-1 can accommodate up to 2.05mm diameter wiring, so is compatible with most accessories.

Normally a bike using both switched and constant power for accessories would require two fuse blocks: one wired directly to the battery for constant power and the second through a relay for switched power. The FZ-1 eliminates the need to wire two separate blocks by providing both types of power in one unit.

Compatible with all 12-volt systems, easy to install and use, the FZ-1 dramatically reduces the amount of wiring and time required for accessory fitting. Suitable for experts looking to simplify their installation and for wiring novices too, the FZ-1 Fuzeblock costs £69.00 inc VAT. Visit for details and to view their complete range of power distribution options.