Adventure film night in Yorkshire

PrintOn Saturday 7th December at the Hebden Bridge Picturehouse, Adventure-Spec present an evening of film, spanning the spectrum of adventure motorcycling.

After his successful premiere in London’s West End, Austin Vince heads north to showcase his epic new film – ‘Mondo Sahara!’ This will be followed by the movie premiere of Graham Jarvis’ ‘Erzberg the Hard Way’.

Austin’s well known previous works, Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa told the stories of DIY low-budget Round-The-World motorcycle expeditions.  Mondo Sahara follows a much shorter but arguably more ‘intense’ trip from London to the Saharan wilderness of Mauratania, where the team survive on rations and fuel buried in the desert sands and GPS logged by an earlier 4×4 expedition.Mondo Sahara
The big message throughout the film is that anyone can do it and you shouldn’t fear the television news doom merchants.  It’s an inspiring movie that is sure to give a hefty dose of wanderlust to viewers with even an ounce of adventurous blood in their veins.

Graham Jarvis first came to prominence in the 80’s as a featured rider on the BBC’s mighty ‘Junior Kickstart’. He started riding trials professionally as soon as he left school and had a successful career in the World, European and British Championships.
In 2007 Graham began competing in Extreme Enduro events and after switching to Husaberg in 2010 has become THE dominant rider in the sport. For years however, the big one; The Redbull Harescramble at Erzberg, eluded him.

jarvis_dvd.1For 3 consecutive years Graham crossed the finish line first, but was subsequently disqualified. After such disappointment he had to make good in 2013 and went all out to make the perfect race, but things don’t always go to plan in Extreme Enduro…

‘Erzberg The Hard Way’ follows the full build up to the event, plus all stages of this unique dirt bike party in Austria. With narration from enduro nut Ross Noble, it’s a unique insider’s view into the world’s toughest race from its greatest rider.

Both movie makers will be there and after the show everyone will be retiring to the Crown Inn accross the road, for some live music and refreshment.

Tickets can be purchased here from Adventure-Spec or the PictureHouse itself.

Doors open at 4pm for a 4.30 start, with a finish scheduled for about 7.30pm.