Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (7th Edition) by Chris Scott

AMH has undergone another update but remains an essential book for the shelf of any rider with even a modicum of wanderlust. Now 25 years old, Chris Scott’s handbook is as important as ever for anyone wishing to go round the world or round a continent.

In this, the 7th edition, there are updates covering choice of bike and luggage for example, as the market for and of these products has expanded dramatically recently. Ironically this is the one title that has probably created that expansion.

The very nature of politics and geography means overland route planning is a dynamic thing, but the updates contained in AMH 7 are as accurate as they can be and a great introduction to an area if it’s completely new to you; the foundations for your own research. All the riding and packing tips remain timeless and worth re-reading.

Containing great new colour pictures and entertaining tales from the saddle, the whole book is also peppered with terrific Simon Roberts illustrations. The Lisa Thomas article on travelling in a partnership is fresh and insightful and there’s a good historical section introducing riders and marathon trips even I hadn’t heard of!

All of the above may be what you’d expect of a book with a title like the Adventure Motorcycle Handbook. It offers a world of possibilities within its 352 pages and encourages you to dream, but there’s something else intangible about it that is hugely inspirational and always gives me a little shiver if excitement when I open it. I hope it continues to remain the best seller it is, and deserves to be.

ISBN: 978-1-873756-73-7

352 pages

Published by Trailblazer Guides (2016) £15.99