AJP bikes stolen from Trailworld

ajp modelsThieves have stolen 11 AJP bikes worth £40,000 from Trailworld just days before the Hertfordshire business was to become an official off-road test ride centre in partnership with the UK distributors of the Portuguese machines.

The raiders used hydraulic cutting gear to break into the isolated off-road centre, then disc-cutters to remove locks from a steel shipping container which housed the trail bikes. Police told owner Bob Allen that the thieves were obviously professionals. Please keep your eyes open for anyone offering AJPs, or their parts, for sale at a competitive price and let us know.

This is the second time Trailworld has been raided since it opened seven years ago, the first theft, in which six off-road machines were stolen, three of which were later recovered, occurred just before AJP became involved with the training school.

The business became an official AJP dealer in November last year. It also runs guided tours, providing bikes and kit for newcomers and proficient riders, through the Home Counties (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire) and in Andalucia in southern Spain. It’s a great way to try off-roading before you immerse yourself, or to get an idea of riding on the loose before you set off on a ‘big trip’.trailworld

AJP and their marketing manager, Craig Whitney, have been very supportive of the adventure travel sector in the last few years and this is a real blow.