An open-face tourer called ‘Bob’

With its design HQ in Spain, LS2 is a helmet company that seems to be on a mission to ensure they have a helmet for every niche, and they are doing it in style. The LS2 Bob fits in both the commuter and heritage categories, but can you travel with one?

The flip-front modular helmet has become popular with travel and touring riders in part because it can easily be opened to reveal your whole face. This is great when the weather is hot or humid and of course it’s perfect when you want to make human contact.
It stands to reason therefore, that in many parts of the world an open face would suit perfectly, leaving your face exposed all the time. But I remain unconvinced that I’d use one for a big trip that included all kinds of terrain and altitude. For a two-week ride somewhere hot though, or for commuting, yes, the LS2 ‘Bob’ I’ve been using for the last 6 months is really impressing me.

The composite shell is exceptionally light at 1,000g so it hardly feels as though you’re wearing it and there are 3 sizes available which ensures a great fit. Inside the material remains fresh and is wearing really well. It’s supposed to be breathable and hypoallergenic, but all I really notice is that the fit and comfort is good and it feels like a helmet that has a much higher price tag.
The shell may look round on the outside but it’s a natural ovoid shape which contributes to the comfort and reassuringly snug fit, as does the double-D ring fastening chin strap which contains a neat magnet to restrain any excess strap.
Because this lid unashamedly apes the style of 70’s scramblers, it has a removable peak and the facility to hold goggles by retaining the goggle strap at the back with a similar magnetic clip. This is not only neat and pleasing to look at, but it works well in practice, as does the drop-down visor if you’d rather.

This visor is available as either clear or dark, is optically correct and is scratch and UV resistant. The dark option has a blueish tint which is a distinctive LS2 trait and may not be what you’re used to, but it works well enough. Unlike modular helmets there isn’t a remote lever to raise and lower the inner visor, but there is an easy to grasp lip in the top-left corner.
There isn’t any crown venting to detract from the classic styling, but then so far I’ve found that there’s more than enough air-flow in every situation I’ve encountered. I always wear ear plugs when I ride and find this Bob pleasantly quiet in use.

Available in sizes XS-XXL (53-64 cm), the Bob comes in a choice of three solid colours – Black, Matt Black and Nardo Grey – as well as an eye-catching ‘Lines’ Black Jeans option. Prices start at just £119.99.

Visit for more information and to find your local stockist.