ARMR Moto kit for both sexes

We’ve tested alot of ARMR Moto kit in the past, but the brand, which is still known for its budget pricing, seems to be upping its game with every new product. And the fact that the male and female versions of the Kumaji 2 kit contain all the same features, just a different cut, means they’ve embraced the fact that women really do tour the same roads in the same conditions…

The Kumaji 2 is ARMR Moto’s new top-end product and the design is based around a 500DN nylon outer shell, with triple-lock seam technology and a premium Humax waterproof membrane. The outer layer has a quality soft-touch feel and the Korean-made Humax waterproof liners provide fully breathable waterproofing. The removable thermal liner has double the insulating capacity of their normal linings, so we plan to test it this autumn on a ride to Scotland.

There appears to be extensive venting for the hot days, with magnetic panel retainers securing the open flaps, preventing buffeting and flutter from loose material. There’s nothing worse than a jacket with a poor fit, so the Kumaji comes in a massive range of sizes (from XS to 10XL for men and 8 – 24 for women) to ensure a good neat fit and there’s also extensive adjustability built into the design. Velcro adjusting straps on the lower hem, upper arm, and two on the waist allow fine-tuning of the fit, improving comfort on longer trips.

With all this the Kumaji 2 price is just £199.99 and is it’s available in black with fluorescent yellow trim only.
The trousers utilise the same materials and are £139.00

The male fitment