AsSeenFromTheSidecar returns!

After 455 days on the road, covering 34,000 miles, Reece Gilkes and Matt Bishop returned to the UK on 19th January. The young Banbury pair undertook the colossal challenge of riding the world on a scooter and sidecar to help raise awareness of modern slavery, breaking records for longest scooter and sidecar trip on the way.
Slavery and people trafficking is not something confined to the history books, but is sadly alive and well. Reece and Matt chose to support 10 voluntary organisations from all over the world who are working to tackle the trade or help deal with the aftermath, rebuilding lives.
Overland Magazine was there when they rode in to the Ace Cafe to a crowd of well-wishers. They were accompanied by over a dozen riders who had met them earlier in the day when they arrived on the south coast. It was a dank and chilly British winter morning, but must have seemed like a day in the tropics to the sidecar pairing who had just crossed Russia from the far eastern port of Vladivostock, experiencing temperatures as low as -37 degrees Celsius!

They are rightly undertaking lots of press activity currently as they continue to raise money and awareness of their partner organisations. You can donate here.
The remarkable Honda SH300 and sidecar will be at the Overland Winter Warmer at the end of February (sadly all tickets are sold), but you can come and see it and hear Matt and Reece talk about their epic advnture at the main Overland Event 29th August – 1st September.