Be seen in the Richa Infinity 2 Flare jacket…

Richa, that family-owned Belgian company that has been making motorcycle kit since 1956, have embraced even more technological advances recently with 3M Retro-reflectivity for those riders who want to ensure they are seen in low light conditions, but don’t want to look to be wearing hi-visibility clothing.

The Richa Infinity 2 Flare jacket is easy to see at night, but the beauty of it is that in the daylight it’s not clear to see as the retrofective panels appear grey unless illuminated by an external light source.

Retro-reflectivity helps the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source because, as the name suggests, it occurs when light rays are returned in the direction they came from – e.g. from car headlights – therefore appearing brightest to the observer near the original light source. In the case of car headlights, that means the driver.

Based on the popular Infinity 2 jacket, the Infinity Flare 2 boasts features such as D3O® armour at the shoulders, elbows and back as standard, an Air Vent System (AVS) to keep riders cool and two detachable layers – a thermal liner and a removable waterproof membrane – to ensure riders are kept warm and dry. This level of customisation makes the Infinity Flare 2 extremely versatile and a perfect choice for riders taking to the road all year round in all weather and light conditions. It is also washable so can be kept fresh and clean.

The Infinity Flare 2 jacket is available in black/grey/fluo in sizes S-6XL with an RRP from £269.99.
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