Guatemala © Paddy Tyson

Feature Extract: Paddy Tyson – Beauty Beyond Conflict (issue 1)

Guatemala Now

Guatemala © Paddy Tyson“I coast serenely to a halt. It’s time to take stock of my surroundings. No need to panic. The odd electrical gremlin is bound to rear its head if you force a motorcycle to do things that weren’t on the designers brief, and I have certainly done that. Besides, a breakdown should always be viewed as an opportunity for an experience that may not otherwise have happened. To my right, behind a few small single and two storey wooden buildings housing small commercial enterprises, there is nothing but impenetrable tropical jungle. To my left, just behind a tiny thatched restaurant on stilts, the vista is the beautiful blue Lake Peten Itza, its shoreline dotted with small jetties leading out to covered fishing platforms where those hoping to catch dinner can have some respite from the suns rays.

… If I’d stuck to the early plan I should have been somewhere in Peru by now, but such is the beguiling nature of serendipity, and now I was on my way across the country to return a set of hotel door keys.”

The full article by Paddy Tyson featured in OVERLAND magazine Issue 1.

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