Blaze Wear heated glove liners for changing conditions

If you suffer from cold hands when you ride in poor weather or at altitude, you probably use heated grips or have bought a dedicated pair of heated gloves to ensure all-over warmth. But if you’re travelling some distance, and going through different climates, heated gloves may be a bit too hefty to travel with.

Which is why you may want to try something new from Blaze Wear; heated glove liners. We haven’t yet, so can’t vouch for them, but here’s the theory: The heating elements integrate flexible carbon fibres – all of which are the thickness of a single hair. This ensures they are unobtrusive and bend and flex with the user, as well as giving even heat distribution and optimum heat.
They fit under your existing motorcycle gloves, meaning you maintain the ‘feel’ you’re used to and meaning that one set of gloves can be used throughout your trip, even if you end up at extreme altitude, or having to cross Russia in January, as the AsSeenFromTheSidecar boys did earlier this year.

Made from a polyester and spandex outer shell and a nylon and spandex lining, the gloves material is thin and lightweight. The FIR technology (Far Infrared Rays) maintains this low profile, even though it stretches from the back of the hand to each fingertip, helping ensure that no area is left feeling the cold.

Powered by a wired connection from the vehicle’s battery, (or battery-powered) all heated clothing from Blaze Wear has a choice of three temperature settings ensuring you can choose the right level of heat for the weather conditions.

Blaze Wear only entered the motorcycle market last year, but as a British company they’ve been making clothing for the hiking and horsey markets for years. You can see their full range here.
Blaze Wear 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners are available in sizes XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL and have an RRP of £99.99.