Caught in Lockdown

Jack Groves is a Brit on a Bike and currently marooned in South America. He is in the process of riding the world on a Royal Enfield Himalayan, and when he returns to the UK will be the youngest person to have ridden RTW.

But travel isn’t about breaking records, or proving the worth of bikes like the little Enfield, it’s dicovering new things and having experiences you’ll never have dreamt of. Jack is certainly having one of those now.

The 22-year-old embodies the spirit of being European and open-minded. Born in Spain, raised in England but educated in France, he set off on this trip almost as soon as he’d graduated with a degree in the somewhat niche subject of Military History. The secondhand 411cc Royal Enfield was the perfect step up from his 125 Herald (that saw him through uni), and has so far taken him across Europe and Central Asia, down into SE Asia, from Darwin to Sydney (via Alice) in Australia, and now northbound in South America.

As I write this he’s in Cusco, Peru and has confirmed that he will not be one of those being repatriated to the UK. His plan is to sit it out and continue north from Peru when the roads and borders are opened again. We’ll update you as we can, but it’ll make a great story at The Overland Event!