‘Don’t Think Ride’ by Nathan and Sarah Millward

If you’ve never been on a bike before, what better way to discover the joy than ride pillion across the ‘States? And marry the rider while you’re at it.

Don’t think, ride. It’s a mantra that’s served Nathan Millward well thus far and seems to have rubbed off on his bride and co-author, Sarah. Impromptu rides on improbable machinery have taken him most of the way round the world, made him a household name and even spawned Overland’s Book of the Year in 2012: The Long Ride Home. But this new 180 page hard back book has an altogether different formula. It’s about a simple and relatively short trip across America.

Featuring over 100 pages of full colour images and around 15,000 words of text, it is an easily digestible product that’s beautifully designed. It’s as relevant to those people who aren’t currently engaged or interested in overland motorcycle travel, as to those who absorb every element of it. The imagery makes it a lovely thing to occupy your coffee table, even though it’s not a big book being A5 in dimensions. But more importantly this collection of pictures, and the way they are grouped and displayed, captures the absolute essence of this huge and geographically diverse country perfectly. Subject and composition have all been considered and the result shines.

Covering the 6,000 miles trip from Las Vegas to New York on a BMW R1200 GS it’s written as part chronicle of the trip and part guide book. It features details on great roads, locations and stories of the people and places encountered along the way and yet these bitesize textual segments don’t adhere to any linear narrative. The book (and trip) contrasts markedly with his original ride from Sydney to Alaska on a 105cc Honda CT110, and fits perfectly within the parameters of his new life. This book is bright and happy and doesn’t try to be, it just reflects what is, and at only £12 it’s worth far more.

It is not extreme adventure, but does feature a short section on how to get married in Las Vegas, and that is!

Nathan is launching this book at Motorcycle Live 2015.

ISBN 978-0-9572297-3-0

Hardback 180pp Colour images throughout £12.

Dot Publishing (2015)