Downsize your toolkit

Venhill 6mm hex adaptorNow this does look useful. How often have you been trying to reduce weight and clutter as you load up for a trip? Which tools are multi-purpose and which do you really need?

Well here’s a useful addition to any kit; Venhill’s VT47-1 Adapter allows any 6mm hex handle, T-bar, or driver to be used with ¼” sockets; ideal if you want to carry a compact, yet comprehensive, tool kit on your bike and don’t want to carry a separate driver or ratchet.

The snappily named VT47-1 ¼” drive to 6mm hex Adapter costs just £1.11, but of course you may want to get a whole handy set incorporating Venhill’s two-way ¼” square grip – found in the VT47 Carrying Sockets and Drivers Tool Set costing £29.73.

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