‘Dry’ chain lube for overland use

Sdoc Dry chain lubeExposed chains get a tough time when riding overland through dirt, rain and sand. New from Sdoc100, Dry Lube is a completely transparent and highly fling-resistant chain spray. Developed in their German laboratory, Dry Lube’s hybrid formula is said to combine the advantages of traditional oil-based lubrication with the latest dry lube technology.

We’ve been using it on the long-term test WK650 and (while only riding in Europe) the most striking thing is just how clean the back of the bike has remained. Poorly lubricated chains require more frequent adjustment and replacement, as well as sapping power from the engine and ultimately using more fuel. But conventional oil-based chain sprays can be messy, frequently fling off onto the rear wheel/swinging arm and can trap dirt and grit from the road, creating a ‘grinding paste’ effect that accelerates wear on chain and sprockets too. That’s not what you want if you’re riding a lot of unsealed surfaces.

Until recently dry lube was known as something that was useful for short-use applications, like motocross, however the R&D department at Sdoc100 have apparently formulated Dry Lube to run deep inside the chain links, for longer-lasting lubrication. They’ve also included an anti-corrosion additive, to help keep the chain in top condition, and made it transparent, so it won’t leave an unsightly colour on the chain when applied. The result is a spray that provides optimum wear and corrosion protection through a dry yet flexible protective layer.Spring at the Overland office

We haven’t examined the chain on the WK closely for wear and haven’t got a control to test against for improved longevity, but we can vouch for the fact that it doesn’t make a mess!

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