DVD Review: ‘Eye of the Rider’ by Duncan Menge

Adventure in Australia?

Of course there’s the great Aussie outback where you can do battle with bulldust beneath an unrelenting sun, but what about discovering the glory of the mountains and struggling through snow to do it?

Duncan Menge and Josh Evans set off to explore the Australian Alps, and in conjunction with a dramatic change in the weather, they have created a terrific film that’s just over an hour long.

Travelling with Josh’s dad Paul, the group dynamic seems perfect and Duncan’s narration is delivered with dry Aussie wit to great effect. The chosen soundtrack and editing help transform what is only a week-long journey into a great piece of home entertainment.

Nathan Millward has famously introduced riders in the UK to the virtues of the humble postie bike, but down under they’ve been used for everything for years; trail riding, fording rivers, herding emu and stunt riding, all of which manage to find their way into this film. Two of the 110cc Honda machines accompany a 640 KTM and even though one of the Hondas is clearly aqua phobic, they prove themselves very competent companions.

The film may start a little slowly and even predictably – at a motorcycle travellers meeting – but the camera angles, Duncan’s Direction and editing keep you engaged until the three protagonists set off on their own. That’s when their sense of humour, natural talent, organisational incompetence, self-deprecation and complete disregard for personal safety generate an incorrigible mix.

Deep snow and darkness, ludicrous objectives, soggy maps and gearboxes full of river, all add to the tale and there’s nothing pretentious about any of it.

In watching the ‘Eye of the Rider’ you’ll view Australia in a whole new light and you’ll really enjoy doing it. It’s only one of the films Duncan and Josh have made in their home country and I’m really looking forward to watching the others.

Review by Paddy Tyson

Eye of the Rider. 69mins. A Film by Duncan Menge and Josh Evans

Lost Highway Productions


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