Emergency clutch and throttle cable repairs

Venhill launch a universal kit for emergency clutch and throttle cable repairs.

Usually going without warning – and almost always in the most inconvenient place – a broken control cable can leave you really stranded. Although you probably travel with a spare lashed alongside the original, your trip may be long enough to still require a repair. Or in my case the specially-ordered spare throttle cable that I carried with me turned out to be the wrong one when I needed it in outback Australia!

Now with Venhill’s Roadside Cable Repair Kit you can be repaired and running again in minutes.

Put together using Venhill’s 50 years of cable manufacturing experience, the DIY kit contains everything needed to replace a snapped inner wire on almost any bike: extra long lengths of 1.5mm and 2mm galvanised steel inner wire, and a selection of solderless nipples and other common fixings. Just a few basic tools are required for fitting and you really should be carrying those anyway!

Supplied in a tough nylon bag, the repair kit can be stashed under a seat or at the bottom of your luggage and left until needed. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to correctly replace and test both throttle and clutch inner wires.

The Kit costs just £12.62 and has the potential to save you a fortune in time, stress and recovery fees, if recovery is even an option where you are.
Get yours direct from Venhill