Vietnam © Sam Manicom

Feature Extract: Sam Manicom – Expect the Unexpected (issue 1)

Experiencing Vietnam By Scooter

Vietnam © Sam Manicom“The dawn sees a multi coloured tide of market stallholders riding the dusty misty roads into town from the countryside, their bikes loaded impossibly high with lush green freshly picked vegetables and incredibly vibrant collections of exotic tropical fruits.

…Hillsides are contoured with terraced fields. Some are paddy fields and in April, when we were there, they were glistening with water and the fresh bright green shoots of new rice. These silver and green steps mirror the sky to provide a never the same scene as you meander your bike along, all 125ccs humming enthusiastically.

… The days on the road in Vietnam were full of fun, and they challenged us wonderfully. We were delighted by the fact that in these times it’s still a land where fair play and honesty remain an important part of Vietnamese life and values. It’s a land where just about every corner holds a new surprise and the views are constantly spectacular. The food will tantalise your taste buds whether it’s a freshly made chicken noodle soup eaten on the street, or king prawns cooked in coconut milk in a posh restaurant.”

The full article by Sam Manicom featured in OVERLAND magazine Issue 1.

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