Flat pack fuel bags!

Overlanders can travel light and go further with Desert Fox Folding Fuel Cells, which add reserve fuel capacity without the need to lug around bulky jerry cans.
Designed by serious overlanders, who understand the need to keep baggage to a minimum, Desert Fox Folding Fuel Cells are lightweight and fold almost flat when not in use, so don’t add excess bulk like metal or plastic fuel containers. And they look great.

Three sizes are available: a compact three litre, handy six litre and large capacity 20-litre. Riders can of course choose any combination of the three to suit their needs, and the carrying capacity of their machine.

A heavy-duty canvas outer protects the flexible fuel bladder inside, and features tough cotton webbing ‘daisy chains’ and heavy-duty D-rings to create plenty of options for securing to luggage, racking, a top box or panniers.

The large screw-top filler accommodates most sizes of forecourt fuel nozzle and a flexible spout, stored in it’s own pouch on top of the Fuel Cell, enables easy re-fuelling of the bike, without the need for a separate funnel; just pop on and pour.

Desert Fox Folding Fuel Cells retail at £46 for the three litre version, £49 for the six, and £55 for the 20-litre.

In the UK they’re available exclusively through Nippy Normans, along with the complete range of Desert Fox Pro Rider Gear.