Flipping the Africa Twin

British motorcycle bodywork specialists, Skidmarx, have introduced a Flip-up/Tall Screen for Honda’s CRF1000 Africa Twin to help maximise the bike’s touring and overlanding potential. The tall screen helps improve comfort and reduce fatigue from buffeting on longer rides.

Made in the UK from 4mm cast acrylic, so it won’t flex in the wind, it’s 10 cm (4 inches) taller than the original screen, with a ‘flip-up’ edge that redirects air flow away from the rider’s chest and head – reducing pressure and wind noise.

Like all Skidmarx screens, it’s designed to fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job – no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits.

The Flip-up/Tall Screen is available in clear, light and dark tints. Each version retails at £69.95 including VAT.

Visit Skidmarx for more details.
Paddy Tyson