Fork upgrade for the Enfield Interceptor!

Hooray! In our recent review of the 650 Enfield Interceptor, we noted that the only really weak point was the suspension, but news from YSS is good. There’s an upgrade kit available.

Sussex-based trade parts supplier WMD recently introduced a YSS fork upgrade kit and although the first batch sold out almost immediately new stock has just arrived at their warehouse.

YSS fork upgrade kits improve the flow of oil through the standard Royal Enfield forks to improve the damping characteristics. The kit also allows you to make adjustments to the preload of the spring to further enhance the suspension performance.

Each YSS Fork Update Kit comes with fork springs, fork oil-flow control valves, adjustable fork tops/caps and associated sleeves and washers. All YSS products come with a two-year warranty.

The RRP for the kit is £234.00 and the WMD part number for the kit is AG9370 if you want to ask your local dealer to source it. Alternatively you should be able to get it from