Get a (heated) grip this winter

RandG gripsR&G are perhaps more famous for their ‘crash bungs’ but they’re a company that also wish to extend everyone’s riding season and where they can ride, with their updated and super-warm Heated Grips.

Competitively priced at £39.99, fitting R&G Heated Grips mean riders don’t have to break the bank to keep riding through the colder months.

The single-button-activated grips warm up to up to 35°C in just two minutes and will go as hot as 60°C, depending on which of the five heat settings are used, making them equally suitable for chilly spring morning rides, or when you’ve misjudged the height of that pass!

While riding at even 30mph in temperatures of just a few degrees Celsius, wind-chill can mean effective temperatures really plummet into the minus figures. If your hands aren’t warm when controlling a motorcycle then you’re either not able to concentrate or your fingers cannot operate the controls effectively. The longer the ride the worse it gets of course.

As a universal product for usual size 22mm (7/8in) handlebars, R&G Heated Grips are simple to fit with minimal wiring between the grips, control box and battery. With a generous range of wiring, the Heated Grips can easily be connected to the bike’s battery or hard-wired into the ignition so that they turn off automatically when the bike is not being used.

R&G Heated Grips come complete with fitting instructions, all connecting cables and the control box. Additional special grip glue (£5) can also be purchased to secure them to the bar and throttle tube.

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