GIVI X.01Tourer helmet

Givi, famous for their luggage, have been working hard over the last 3 years to break into the helmet market and their latest offering is aimed squarely at adventure travellers. Perhaps it’s the ultimate modular, with removable chin piece, visor and peak.

Interestingly, the Givi press release says that’s it’s a flip up helmet but that’s the only thing that it’s not!

It has been safety tested and approved as both a full and open face lid, which makes it suitable for a variety of climates. You do however, have to store the bits you’ve removed somewhere, which might be a pain and clearly therefore not quite as convenient as a flip-front.

The peak however, is something that flip-fronts can’t accommodate due to the swivel nature of the front part of the helmet, so on that score it does well. And given that peaks always create extra wind noise, the ability to remove it will be useful when you know the sun isn’t going to be out all day. There is also the inclusion of a dark, drop down inner visor, so it is the best of both worlds on that score.The outer visor is pinlock ready, so no steaming up when it rains.

The X.01 Tourer contains two top vents and a single rear exhaust for when their needed, and a couple on the chin bar, but no doubt the idea is that when it’s particularly hot and sticky, you just remove the chin piece entirely.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is a polycarb helmet, not any sort of carbon mix, but then that may be how they can keep the price down to £169. Colours are matt black and white as shown. Sizes are XS to XL but make sure you try before you buy as all manufacturers vary the shape and the way they measure sizes.

Please note, we have not had a chance to use this helmet yet, so we may be pleasantly surprised.

The press release goes on to say rather quaintly that the ‘classic essence with angular and elegant lines will delight the most adventure motorcyclists’. No doubt it’s a direct translation from Italian, and it’s certainly a good looking lid if adventure stylee is your thing.




For more information about the X.01 Tourer or other products by GIVI visit or call 01327 706220.