Gloves with an App!

Yes it’s true. If you are a gadget freak you just might love the new heated gloves launched by Furygan. The French motorcycle clothing specialist has just released the Heat Blizzard D3O 37.5® gloves as part of its Autumn/Winter collection. If just having warm hands isn’t enough, you can also program and refine your glove’s settings through the Furygan Heat System App…

It’s Furygan’s first App and is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll be able to view the battery status, customise the pre-set heat settings to personal preference and even pre-heat the gloves before you ride. Apparently you can then easily control the heat function with a simple one-button control for a safer and more practical ride. How this differs from a normal ‘simple one-button control’ is beyond me.

Luckily, if you are not a fan of technology, the gloves can also be controlled independently of the App via an easy to use ‘one-button control’ situated on the cuff and the temperature can be read using the Heat Mode indicator – a series of lights indicating which of the settings the gloves are on. Doubtless there’s some advantage to having the App and it’s not just a gimmick…
Because a gimmick is the last thing they need. The stitching and level of finish is the usual high standard and attention to detail is evident throughout.

The goat leather outer shell has a waterproof and breathable membrane and thermal lining inside to keep riders hands dry and comfortable, both of which have been boosted thanks to 37.5® technology which captures and releases moisture vapour effectively for temperature control. When you’re hot, patented active particles embedded in the material remove sweat cooling you down. When you’re cold, those same active particles trap your energy to help warm you up. It’s all about maintaining that core 37.5 degrees as the name suggests.

There’s a handy visor wipe insert and Furygan’s Sensitive Science inserts so that riders don’t have to take off their gloves and let out valuable heat when using touchscreen devices (which must include using the App to adjust the settings).

A fully charged battery will last approximately 2-2.5 hours depending on settings and there’s also the option to connect directly to the bike with a 12V connector, which also allows the gloves to be used on ‘Superboost’ mode – 20% more powerful than the normal – and therefore last as long as your journey.
Available in sizes S-3XL, the Heat Blizzard D3O 37.5 gloves are in UK dealers now with an RRP of £249.99.

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