GS mudguard extender from the U.S.

If you own a BMW R 1250 GS you can now significantly improve protection from the mud, grit and water spray flung up by the wheels with the Avant Front Mudguard Extender and MudSling rear mudguard from Machineart.

Made in the USA from tough injection-moulded polypropylene the extender adds an extra 140 mm of length and 50 mm width to the front mudguard. Specially designed wings on each side give extra lateral coverage for the downpipes and painted engine casing, without adding excess width. It sells for £57 including VAT.

Fitting a MudSling to the rear increases the surface area of the standard rear mudguard by up to 75 mm on each side, and by almost 180 mm downwards, offering significantly more protection for the rear shock and paralever arm. The wide design also helps prevent crud being thrown onto the rider’s legs, and keeps the under seat area cleaner. Precision cut to fit the existing guard and frame perfectly, the MudSling requires no drilling and can be fitted to bikes with lowered suspension too. It retails for £142, which seems excessive, but does protect and should extend the life of a much more expensive component.

Thankfully both front and rear are available as a pair (£169) from NippyNormans, offering a significant saving of £30 on separate purchase.