GS tops the sales charts again

As summer gets underway, it seems Adventure Bikes are continuing to improve their sales performance, up 8.2% on last years registrations to date.R1200GSAdventure

Interestingly more adventure bikes were actually sold last May than this one, 1,317 in 2014 as opposed to 1,493 this month last year, but the sector continues to grow overall. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the R1200GS is topping the sales charts with 174 of them being registered in May 2014.

MCIA logoJust released Motorcycle Industry Stats show that the ‘Touring’ sector – FJRs, Pan Europeans etc –  is also on a charge, up a whopping 30% compared to sales last year, but that’s still only around a quarter the actual sales of the Adventure sector. Either way, it looks like the British Rider is still keen to get out there and see what’s over the horizon.

To put sales of the GS in perspective, the 174 was out of the total 10,509 new 2-wheelers sold in May, with scooters still leading the way (2,869) and ‘naked’ bikes just a couple of hundred behind that.

The best news of all is that 45,000 new riders took their test last year, up 5,000 on the previous.

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