HELD Icano riding trousers

Held-Icano-OverlandI have some key points that a pair of bike trousers need to cover.

They have to:
• Be heavily scuff/abrasion resistant
• Have quality protectors in the places that matter
• Be 100% waterproof
• Be comfortable to wear,
• Be nicely cut so I don’t look like the Michelin man when I’m off the bike
• Have waterproof pockets, and more than just the one
• Be long enough in the leg so when I’m sitting on my bike there are no gaps at my ankles
• Have a waist high enough to keep my lower back warm and dry
• Enable me to fit the ankles over the tops of my boots and be cinched tight
• Have a winter layer that can be removed
• Have a mesh lining (or equivalent) that means even when it’s sweaty weather I can get my feet through with ease
• Have leg vents for hotter weather
• And if there are stretch panels at the knees then I’m chuffed

These Held Icanos are the first pair of bike trousers I’ve had that are both affordable and do all of those things on my list very well!

I’ve had them for 5 months now and ridden 15,000 miles in them in all weather conditions. I also like the discrete but very effective reflective strips on the legs. If you are after a jacket to zip onto, the ‘Uncover’ Textile Jacket is made to match and fits well. As for the sizing, you can choose from Small to 6XL! That made fitting my 32” waist but 33” leg a very easy thing to do.

Held are one of the lesser-known German clothing brands, but they’ve been in business now for 70 years and quietly producing innovative products all that time.

Was there anything I didn’t like? Well no, nothing at all, but I did add a pair of braces – my only souvenir from a ride through Norway. Would I want to wear them on a ride across the Sahara? No way! But for riding in Europe in just about any temperature they do me very nicely.

Available in Black and Grey, they are available from several retailers around the UK for £260, but also direct from Held for Euro 280 plus p&p. (Sam Manicom)