Helibars rise to the VFR challenge

New HeliBars available for the Honda VFR1200

One of the biggest failings of sports tourers, is the discomfort that low handlbars cause. Raising the handlebar position on even an accomplished sports tourer such as Honda’s VFR1200, can greatly improve comfort, and that’s just what HeliBars® have done.

Helibars have been improving sports tourers since 1987, when there weren’t nearly as many adventure bikes on the market, but the VFR’s fairing and fuel tank created something of a design challenge.  To ensure the bars would improve the machine’s long distance comfort, the engineers eventually developed some that are 50 mm taller, 25 mm further back and 25 mm wider than the standard items, but which don’t require modifications to any other part of the bike.

They’ve also managed to reduce the downward angle by 8 degrees and the rearward angle by just over 3 degrees. Combined, these subtle changes provide not only a more comfortable hand and arm position but also improve the position of the lower back.

Designed and engineered in the USA and powder coated in black to match the original bars HeliBars for the VFR 1200 are priced at £280 (including VAT) from Bykebitz on 01252 870900 or www.helibars.co.uk.

Picture shows Helibar on the left and standard handlebar on the right