‘In Search of Greener Grass’ by Graham Field

‘In Search of Greener Grass’ is an opportunity to experience the people and cultures along the author’s route from the UK to Mongolia’s Ulaan Baatar and beyond.

Graham’s word-pictures are excellent and with them he weaves an incredibly readable tale. He sends you from body-painted pretty girls to tales of the unexpected and to being lost in the deserts of Asia. But he also explains how he got the money together to do the trip and you’ll see why I’ve made a point of mentioning that.

Woven into the tale is some very good travel advice, though you need to know that Graham Field has a rather different way of looking at things. You can tell that he’s a very experienced motorcyclist and traveller and he uses that experience to challenge some preconceived overlanding ideas.

At times he says things that many travellers wouldn’t dare to utter. There are times when his bluntness risks causing offence, but then with surprising ease he puts his thoughts into perfectly reasoned acceptability. A less talented author or less genuine person could have come across as being arrogant.

Not in this case – simply honest, thought provoking and refreshing. Something I particularly like is that as the adventure on his KLR 650 unfolds, he reveals exactly how the kit choices he made worked, or didn’t.

With a kind-hearted, funny, and genuine writing style Graham Field describes the wonderfully eclectic mix that life on the road can be; he had me both laughing and envious of the journey.

You can get a copy of Graham’s book here.

Sam Manicom

ISBN 978-1-78088-088-4
33 Colour photographs