A very international Overland Exploration

The start of July will see the 4th annual Overland Explore trip set off for Tajikistan, and this year it’s a truly international experience.

Male and female readers from the UK, USA, Portugal and Ireland will be exploring the stunningly beautiful Pamir region aboard Suzuki DRZ400s in association with Marley and the crew from Edge Expeditions.

Some off road experience is necessary for this trip as Tajikistan’s infrastructure leaves a little to be desired, but the country plays host to not only the 4th highest mountain range in the world – the Pamirs – but also to the legendary Pamir Highway, widely known as one of the most breath-taking roads in the world and on many published bucket lists.

The gorgeous scenery and wonderfully welcoming and friendly people of Tajikistan are certainly deserving of any received praise or accolades as each one of the team will discover.

On this trip, we’ll not only ride along much of the fabled Highway, but we’ll explore valleys and ranges few others have reached. In two glorious, thrilling weeks of riding, we’ll follow roaring rivers, glimpse eagles and marmots, meet Kygrgyz nomads, clamber around 2000 year old Silk Road fortresses, experience rich Tajik, Kyrgyz and Persian cultures, bathe in magical hot springs, be humbled by incredible Pamiri kindness and hospitality and on every twist and turn of the road the team will be left speechless by jaw-dropping mountain scenery.

This is epic, panoramic, unforgettable stuff – a series of superlatives that you will carry in your memory for years to come. It’s a proper blast of adventure, neatly packaged into a fortnight’s holiday allowance.

In previous years Overland Explore has got under the skin of Nepal, South Africa and Tibet, and we’ve just announced plans for 2018’s trip to the Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland.