Issue 26 tyres winner announced!

In each issue of Overland we select one of the stories that we feel owes its author a pair of tyres. That may be because it’s inspirational, because it demonstrates a battle against adversity or just because we really like it. In issue 26 we’ve chosen Gareth Bransby’s story about the resurrection of his DR350 from a Tajik mountainside with a seized engine, and how he nursed/bodged his way back to Britain.

Clearly one to demonstrate his emotions, Gareth said he was delighted with his Anlas Capra R tyres which he has decided to fit to his other bike, an XR600.

In issue 25 you can read about Arthur Magan’s recent trans-Pyrenees ride. fitted the pair of Continental TKC80s he won to his R1200GS, and he has now headed out to explore South America.

Over the next few issues we’ll be giving away pairs of both Anlas and Continental Tyres, sent directly to you or your favourite friendly tyre-fitter. Knobbly, intermediate or road, there’s tread to suit your next journey.

If you’ve got a story to tell about a motorcycle trip you’ve done, or better still just something good, bad or weird that happened while you were on the road, we’d love to hear about it and if we publish your work you could win a pair of tyres to help prepare your bike for your next trip!

Get those words out, tell your story, and remember to send pictures too. For further information about submissions, click here.