It’s the simple things!

Essential for any adventure rider or tourer, the humble compass is a simple and effective way to stay on the route you’d planned.

Quick and easy to mount – no complicated holders, brackets or wiring like a sat nav – the Moto Fizz World Tourer Compass allows the rider to see what direction they’re heading in at a glance; sometimes all that is needed to help keep on track when crossing the Mongolian steppe.

As it doesn’t rely on electrical power or satellite signals, it works anywhere in the world, even when GPS and smartphone navigation can’t, and when road signage is sparse.

It costs considerably less than an electric navigation device too, so there’s minimal risk of theft if left attached to the bike when parked – a real bonus when travelling.

Compact and unobtrusive – it measures just 35 x 42 x 46 mm – it’s quick and easy to fit with the supplied double-sided, hi-adhesive pads, and it’s manufactured in Japan for quality and accuracy. The World Tourer Compass is a handy addition to any adventurer’s navigation kit.

It retails for £12 and is available from the UK distributor