Keep the sun off your TFT

BMW’s latest generation 10.25-inch TFT screens are impressive in both functionality and size, but they’re not much use if bright sun and reflections mean you can’t read the display!

Wunderlich’s Sun Shade is a simple yet clever solution, which wraps around the TFT display on three sides, helping to shield the shiny surface from the direct sun, but without hindering your view at all.

Each one is precision made from tough, UV-resistant, ABS and simply clips onto the TFT’s casing. There’s no drilling, glue or fiddly fitting kits needed. They’re model specific, so fit perfectly and will stay securely attached, even at high speeds, yet they are easily removable if you want to.

Shades for the 2021-on R1250 RT and all current K1600 series bikes have just been added to the range. They retail at £32 and are available from Wunderlich’s exclusive UK importer

Versions are available for most makes and models of GPS too.