Labrador – Brian Clarke (issue 7)

small_010I was in my usual day-dreaming state admiring the remote scenery of the Trans Labrador Highway and not really concerned that Michelle had disappeared from my mirrors. She would stop frequently to take photos or toilet breaks. I would then slow down or stop and wait. A few kilometres went by until I decided to pull over and hang around. Enough time had passed for the usual activities to be completed, so I began to worry. Only yesterday this very same pattern had occurred and I returned to find her on the side of the road with a flat front tyre.small_021

I turned and cruised back up the gravel highway. In the distance I could see a few vehicles pulled over with flashing lights. The heart rate stepped up as did the throttle. Three vehicles had pulled alongside Michelle as she lay on the floor. Her bike, ten feet in front of her on its side, was being picked up by Scott the van driver. I ran over and saw her left leg jacked off to the side. It was pretty obvious it was broken but I just didn’t want to believe it…

…We had to wait for two hours for the ambulance to arrive from Goose Bay as a helicopter wasn’t available. I asked Scott where he was going and what he had in his van. The van was empty and he was headed back to his home in Goose Bay. Would a KLR fit in there I inquired?small_032