Lindstrands Qurizo Jacket and Q Pants

Lindstands is one of the clothing brands manufactured by Jofama in Sweden and, as their saying goes, “if it works in Scandinavia…” their kit will work just about anywhere.

I’ve been riding with the Lindstands Qurizo jacket and Q pants on a daily basis for around six months now and have no hesitation in showering them with praise. Fit, comfort, protection, durability, and practicality are all first class. I happen to rather like the styling too.

Jofama is an evangelist for the benefits of layering, and the Qurizo/Q textile suit (shown above in its lava and black colour combo) is a prime example of that approach. Both the jacket and trousers feature a removable waterproof membrane, and the jacket has a removable thermal vest liner too.

Combined with the generous zipped vents designed into both garments, the versatility of the removable layers has been more than a match for the vagaries of a British spring and summer. The armoured outer layers are showerproof on their own, but the waterproof membrane is essential in heavy or prolonged rain. You might think that could be a nuisance – having to zip in or out the membrane – but in reality it’s rarely an issue. On warm, sunny days the membrane is unnecessary (and would make you sweat buckets), whereas on cooler, wet days it helps to keep out the chill as well as a downpour.

I haven’t had the opportunity to test the kit below 10 degrees or above about 30 degrees centigrade yet. With suitable base and mid layers worn underneath, I’ve no doubt it would be just as comfortable and capable in the cold. In very hot conditions, I suspect the ample vents might still not be sufficient to provide enough airflow to keep you cool.

Update (February 2018)… Having ridden every day during the winter, I can definitely confirm the Lindstrands suit is more than up to the task of dealing with sub-zero temperatures! Reports from Alex Jackson in South Africa, who is also now riding with the same gear, suggest that the venting does a capable job well above 30 degrees too.


The design and production quality are superlative.

Comfortable shoulder, elbow, hip and knee armour is included.

Both the jacket and trousers are blessed with plenty of good-sized pockets.

The trousers come with removable braces and can also be zipped to the jacket.


The Qurizo jacket features a pocket to accommodate a back protector, though one isn’t included. I repurposed one from another jacket, which fits just fine, but would have preferred to see the jacket fully armoured out of the box. A Jofama produced back protector is available separately.

The sleeve width adjusters could perhaps do with having an extra notch for those riders with chunkier arms.

An extra pocket in either forearm would be handy.


Lindstrands Qurizo Jacket RRP = £349.00

Lindstrands Q Pants RRP = £299.00


Test and review by Iain Harper.