LOMO 30l drybag daysack review

I have never been much of a backpack user as I’ve always had top boxes or panniers fitted to my bikes, but hopping off and on manufacturer’s test bikes means never quite knowing what luggage will be fitted so I’ve found myself reaching for this LOMO 30l backpack more and more, even when cycling.

LOMO is a Scottish company that have been going for 20 years and although I shouldn’t make reference to their weather, it would be remiss of me not to mention that they’ve been making kit for kayakers, sailors and all manner of outdoor pursuits, so know about waterproofing.

This backpack is basically a drybag designed to be worn all day long. There’s a handy smaller section with separate zip entry which can hold a surprising amount – snacks, spare gloves etc – and although LOMO don’t claim this section to be 100% waterproof, I have found it to be so.

The main top closure of the daysack rolls over as normal but doesn’t then bend around to clip itself shut. Instead each side is closed by its own adjustable strap so that the bag shape doesn’t distort. There is good padding for your back and comfortable wide padded shoulder straps. Two cross-straps, one chest and one waist, keep the bag fitted securely at speed and for mild off-road riding. The only point of note is that with all my winter kit on, and after lunch, the waist strap doesn’t leave too much room for further expansion.

I’ve become a complete convert and the wipe-clean material means being white with reflective panels is a real bonus for visibility. It’s certainly value for money.

Height (Open) 71cm
Height (Closed) 56cm
Width 29cm
Depth 27cm
Weight: 900g