Low profile plugs…

Optimate 90 plugOptiMate have introduced a range of low profile, 90 degree DIN plug adapters that fit neatly into surface-mounted power sockets, providing a safe and secure way to power devices and accessories on the move.

Many modern touring & adventure sport bikes have 12v power sockets located close to rider or passenger seats, where any traditional straight 180° DIN adapter/cable that is plugged in would be vulnerable to being pulled out or even damaged through snagging and catching.

OptiMate’s new range of cable adapters feature a low-profile, 90-degree plug that, when connected, sit close to the bike, out of harm’s way.

Three adapters are currently available: both the 6″/15cm and 40″/100cm long BIKE/DIN to 2-pin SAE connectors are designed to connect to any OptiMate accessory, e.g. USB chargers, tank bag power adaptors, etc. The Bike/DIN to DC 2.5mm ‘jack plug’ adapter is ideal for powering heated clothing, GPS and smart phones.

All three plugs feature industry standard connectors, are fully compatible with OptiMate’s battery optimisers, chargers and cable adapters and come fused to 15 Amps.

Fully sealed during the moulding process, they are water and dirt resistant and are tested to -40°C/-40°F; so they can stand up to the rigours of touring and adventure riding, as well as commuting.

OptiMate Cable accessories with the Low Profile BIKE (DIN) plugs are available from all authorised retailers and are covered by a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind. Prices start from £14.99. Visit www.tecmate.com for details.

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