Luggage nets to tidy those panniers

As you close the top box on your BMW GS you may have looked at that lid and thought about the wasted space. Wunderlich, the German BMW aftermarket specialists, have thought that too and have launched luggage nets as a neat way to use the often redundant space in the lid of BMW aluminum side and top cases.

Made from hard-wearing 5mm thick nylon netting and designed to fit neatly inside the lid of BMW OE aluminium boxes, Luggage Nets maximise storage capacity and help keep essentials like rainwear, travel documents, tools and first aid kits clear of other kit and easily accessible.

Quick and easy to fit, the nets attach using suspension struts, which are inserted into existing rivet heads inside the panniers – so there’s no drilling extra holes or removing rivets, and the panniers stay weather-proof.

Each net measures 420 x 270mm, maximising the space inside each pannier lid. They carry kit well clear of other contents, so they don’t interfere with opening or closing of the lids, or taking pannier liners and other items in and out.

Unlike external nets or bags which attach to the top of pannier lids, they keep items fully protected from the weather and out of sight.

Wunderlich Luggage Nets are suitable for all bikes with original BMW aluminium panniers and/or top cases fitted, and retail at £39.00.

Luggage Nets for BMW Vario side and top cases are also available, for just £14.00, and all versions can be sourced from Nippy Normans