‘Maiden Voyage’ by Tim Notier

As you proceed through this book it becomes much easier to read. It becomes more engaging. It becomes something that makes you think, yes, I’ll read the next one. And there’s bound to be a next one, because this calls itself the ‘prequel to the adventure of a lifetime’. A quick ‘google’ reveals that the author and wife Marisa have indeed now embarked on the global journey and are currently in Central America.

What this book recounts amid its 160 pages is a 19-day trip around the mid-west of the US on a KTM 1190 Adventure, and you’re right, that doesn’t sound dramatic. It isn’t. It’s a journey of realisation, not one of river crossings, malaria and banditry. Barely three weeks on the road convince this couple to get married, sell their possessions and ride the world.

Tim Notier’s writing is certainly well structured, but this really is a blow-by-blow account of those 19 days; every road, rest stop and meal. As he becomes more comfortable with their time on the road, so the writing improves as he leaves a little more out, which is a relief for the reader.

Interestingly his scenic descriptors did still reinvigorate my desire to return to Utah and Colorado, even though I found myself having to scan-read his rather tedious recollections of the mundane.

So I do look forward to the next one as his writing will have matured with the traveller inside him. If it hasn’t, there’ll have to be a whole volume for every country they visit.

ISBN: 978-15215-492-16
160pp, 37 B&W images throughout (£15.00)
Published by author (2017)