Maxxis Presa Detour tyre review

This Maxxis Presa Detour is a tyre that has been around for 10 years but seems to get very little mention in the overland community, so we thought we’d better give a pair of them a whirl to see why. One reason has got to be that the sizes Maxxis offer continue to be limited after all this time which is very short-sighted. Our Honda 1200 CrossTourer happens to take a 150/70 x 17 on the rear and 110/80 x 19 on the front, the only ‘Detour’ sizes available!

Our big Honda is very definitely the office pool bike, and is extremely comfortable, so is often pressed in to service for two-up distance work, which can have severe consequences for rear tyre wear. Since fitting we have only done 1,000 miles and ironically it’s all been solo riding, but I can report good straight-line stability, extremely easy roll-in to corners with the gently rounded shoulders and very good feel under heavy braking.

Visually striking is the yellow MAXXIS logo on the relatively low sidewalls. It’s all very 1980s, but maybe that’s why it appeals! The tread pattern certainly suits the adventure genre and I have to say that I really like that too. It has broad tread blocks like the more common Metzeler Tourance but has a much greater curve to the profile which seems to encourage this easy rolling in to bends. Even with the lower sidewalls the overall carcass height is therefore similar so there doesn’t seem to be any greater risk of rock damage to rims.

I have not chosen to go off-road beyond gravel trails yet, because frankly I find the CrossTourer much too big to be comfortable on the dirt, but in truth this is really a tarmac tyre despite its name. The Detour offers a ‘planted’ confidence in the wet and only appears uncomfortable with white lines and thick overbanding. They quickly recover their composure, but this so far is the only complaint. We’ll see how the all-important mileage stacks up and hope that the rear will at least manage 6,000.