Small and powerful mini-compressor from Desert Fox

Ultra compact, light and powerful enough to inflate a motorcycle tyre in just 90 seconds, the Desert Fox Mini Compressor is a robust go-anywhere 12-volt pump.
Available exclusively through BMW motorcycle accessory specialist Nippy Normans, Desert Fox Pro Rider Gear was established in South Africa in 2011, but is new to the UK. Their products are developed, tested and refined by high mileage overland travellers to ensure they are of the highest quality, meet the exacting needs of motorcycling, and can be totally relied upon.

The Mini Compressor is no exception and is built to deal with the most challenging conditions, with a die-cast aluminium compressor, aluminium con rod with bearings – standard pumps have plastic rods and no bearings – and stainless steel valves. It’s also fully sealed against dust.

Quick and easy to use, it operates on DC 12 Volt and has a cigarette/Hella/BMW plug for multiple power options, so you just plug and get inflating. It’s also supplied with crocodile clips so that you can just attach it directly to the terminals of any 12V battery.

Inside there’s direct drive technology for consistent and reliable air delivery; the compressor can inflate a BMW R1200 GS rear tyre to 2 Bar in just ± 90 seconds, allowing the rider to get back on the move and out of potentially dangerous roadside positions quicker. It has a maximum capacity of 8 Bar, and can run continuously for 8 minutes.

The flexible hose allows for easy access to tricky tyre valves, and the built-in pressure gauge – which also has all aluminium fittings – features both Bar and PSI readings for an accurate pressure every time.

Although designed for those who ride where there is no access to recovery services, the Mini Compressor is equally useful for tourers and commuters, reducing reliance on often inaccurate garage forecourt pumps.

Measuring just 16cm x 5cm wide – not much bigger than a small energy drink can – and supplied with a handy carry bag, it can be stashed under a seat or in luggage and forgotten about until needed.

The Desert Fox Mini Compressor is available from Nippy Normans for just £49. For more complete spec and to see the complete range of Desert Fox Pro Rider Gear (which includes Foldable Fuel Cells, high quality Tools and a handy Wheel Removal Kit) visit