Morocco © Neil Pidduck

Morocco – Neil Pidduck (issue 3)

Morocco © Neil PidduckThe view out of the window is a belter. I’m sat looking over the lush green palmerie, at the shifting colours, with shadows dancing across the folded ridges on the Djebel Sarhro Mountains filling the horizon. The deep purples and blacks before dusk are beginning to match the colour of my left foot, which along with being sore, swollen and stiff means the diagnosis isn’t good. I could give any number of plausible excuses as to how I ended up with a broken foot in a town whose anagram described how I felt – N’kob!

…The iPod was fantastic on the long trek across Europe but is now packed away. My first full day in Maroc clearly illustrates that they don’t do enough gigabytes to load all the entertainment of a day on the road in Morocco. It started well – sunny with some nice twisty roads before lunch, where I sat with feline friends and savoured my lamb kebabs with cumin. I had all afternoon to do 200 miles, with a full belly and the sun still shining. At the main Fes-Marrakech road it’s all looking very black ahead and chucks it down so I pull-in for a café au lait waiting for it to ease off.

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