Motorcycle Outreach has a novel fundraising idea

Motorcycle Outreach (MoR) has been Overland Magazine’s charity of choice since we began in 2010 and we’re pleased to say that they’ve come up with another novel idea to raise funds for their sterling work. The UK charity which supports motorcycle-based healthcare transport projects in developing countries, has an ambition to buy a virtually derelict Brough motorcycle at auction, restore it to its former glory and sell it, ploughing the profits back into the charity.

Brough at BonhamsWith sufficient funds ahead of time, they hope to bid successfully on one of the recently discovered ‘barn find’ ‘Bodmin Brough’ motorcycles when they are auctioned by Bonhams on April 24th. A successful restoration and re-auction could unlock tens of thousands of pounds for MoR’s charitable work in Indonesia and Africa.

Brough motorcycles are highly sought after and command high auction values. However, given the poor condition of these particular motorcycles, they offer potential for acquisition, restoration and resale to significant benefit for MoR.

Commenting on the Bodmin Broughs, Ben Walker, International Director for Bonhams Collectors’ Motorcycle Department said: “This is one of the greatest motorcycle discoveries of recent times. A lot of mystery surrounds these motorcycles as very few people knew that they still existed, many believing them to be an urban myth. There was a theory that they still existed somewhere in the West Country, but few knew where, until now. This is the last known collection of unrestored Brough Superiors; there will not be another opportunity like this.”

Brough Superior motorcycles are incredibly rare, powerful machines of the pre-war era. Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, they’re famed as the bike of choice for aficionados such as the playwright George Bernard Shaw, and T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, owner of eight models.

“There is a strong market for unrestored, highly original motorcycles,” added Ben Walker. “Bonhams regularly achieves world record breaking figures for Brough Superior motorcycles, including unusual projects, which appeal to the enthusiast and collector of the brand. It would be great to see these back on the road, as they are all restorable.”Craig CC examines Brough

Simon Dufton, Director of Motorcycle Outreach, said: “The restoration potential for any of these bikes means that this is not just a hopeful project, it is a project based upon sound history of the assets involved alongside the time-proven skills of our restorer Craig Carey-Clinch.” Craig, also a Director of MoR and a well-known motorcycle industry figure, already has a strong track record of restoring classic motorcycles.

Simon continued; “All it takes is time and a good motorcycle restorer. We have both! What we now need is the funding to make this project happen …. and that is why we are launching this Crowdfunding appeal. We believe that it will be possible to generate a strong return from this project, but we can only realise its ambition if we get support.”

People, organisations and businesses can support the MoR project by visiting the Crowdfunder site on

If MoR do not manage to secure the Brough at auction, they hope that all those who commit funds to the idea will still be happy to let those funds go directly to the charity, but if anyone doesn’t they’ll return the money given.

The Overland Event last year raised over £1,200 for MoR and we hope to do the same again this year, but this initiative provides the opportunity to raise some really substantial capital for investment in their projects. You can find out about the projects here:

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