New Bluetooth connectivity from Givi

Givi bluetooth setGIVI’s new Bluetooth® intercom has been designed for riders who intend to enjoy a wireless, clear and reliable communication while riding. The device is ideal for long trips but with an operating distance of up to 10 metres (Bluetooth® V2.1 Class II) it is really only useful for rider to pillion communication. The I302B unit does have the facility to connect up to 3 devices (mobile phone, mp3 player and GPS navigator) should you need them when you ride alone.Givi bluetoothunit

There’s a lightweight microphone and two small speakers that are attached with Velcro inside the helmet. The main device also follows fitting convention and is fixed on the outside of the shell, letting the rider push the bottoms easily. The lithium rechargeable battery provides up to 7 hours talking-time and 80 hours standby, which should be fine for a long weekend away.

The new I302B is said to be fully compatible with helmets in both full-face and jet versions, so we presume it’ll work with flip-fronts too. Given that it is going to retail for under £85 it’s certainly competitive.