New ‘Frontier’ laminated jacket only £269

Waterproof laminated clothing have traditionally been more expensive than garments with ‘drop liners’ because of manufacturing expense and the possibility of failure in critical areas meaning important attention to detail. But that seems to be changing and, new from Weise for 2020, the OUTLAST® Frontier jacket has a waterproof laminate coating applied to the inside of the tough fabric shell to keep the rain out even though it retails for only £269.

As we are yet to test it, or the matching trousers, so we don’t know if they actually work in prolonged downpours, but if we get a chance to we’ll let you know.

As for protection, the OUTLAST® Frontier is fully tested and approved to the new CE standard for motorcycle clothing and is AA rated. CE-approved armour is fitted in ALL in key impact areas: shoulders, elbows and back, for total confidence.

Inside is an OUTLAST® temperature-regulating liner. Originally developed for NASA, OUTLAST® absorbs, stores and releases heat, actively regulating the body’s microclimate. As the body warms up, OUTLAST® absorbs the heat, keeping the wearer cool, and as the wearer begins to cool down, the heat is released back, keeping the body warm. This active control helps to reduce temperature swings (the heat-up/chill down cycle), so the wearer is consistently comfortable.

If the weather gets particularly hot the jacket has vents on the chest and arms, with exhausts over the shoulder blades, all sealed with YKK waterproof zips.

There seem to be plenty of pockets inside and out and there’s only one, no-nonsense colour, adding to the general practicality of this jacket.

The OUTLAST® Frontier jacket comes in sizes S-5XL for men and 8-22 for women, and is covered by a 2-year warranty, retailing at just £269.99. Matching trousers sell for £239.99, so that’s a laminated textile suit with an Outlast liner for just £509.98.

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