New Givi accessories for the Z1000SX

GIVI have released a host of travel accessories for Kawasaki’s uber tarmac tourer, the Z1000SX. The 140hp four-cylinder sports tourer has been evolving since its 2011 launch, remaining a best-seller in that class, and GIVI have developed their V35 litre side cases and the slightly larger V37 cases to suit. There’s also a frankly monstrous 47 litre topbox that will accommodate two full face lids and a much neater 4 litre tankbag.

Created with the idea of being sufficient for daily commuting or quickly accessing everyday objects while on a longer tour, the ST602B tankbag uses the GIVI Tanklock attachment system (BF04 adapter is required). Slight pressure on the base of the latch allows it to be attached, with a red lever on the base making it easy to remove. The bag includes straps so that it can be carried comfortably on the shoulder when off the bike, which is really handy when travelling, keeping all your important stuff in one place that never leaves your sight.

It’s a semi-rigid structure, apparently ‘thermoformed in EVA and laminated with Guzy 600D and with PU inserts’ and is equipped with a waterproof case and a compartmentalised interior, including an exterior window that allowing you to see your smartphone should you wish to.

To top it all off there’s also a higher screen, 14cms higher to be exact, and dome-shaped to keep more rain off you as you blat down an autobahn.

More details and prices are available here