New pannier dry-bags from LOMO

If you are into sailing or kayaking you are probably familiar with the Scottish brand LOMO Watersports who have been making wetsuits and dry-bags in all shapes and sizes for years, but they’ve just released a new LOMO small Adventure Pannier Dry Bags for only £58, so we felt compelled to try them.

If they are really waterproof adventure panniers, that’s an incredible price and as Warwickshire and the West Midlands are currently suffering severe flooding we have a great opportunity to really test them!

The adventure pannier follows the same styling as their popular crash bar dry bags but are larger in size with increased mounting functionality. At approximately 13L capacity, they are definitely small and suited to minimalist travel, but maybe with their flexible mounting system you’d use them as extra storage. There’s a multitude of loops and straps to help keep the bags firmly attached, but the main selling point is the total waterproofing. Full test report to come.