New replacement hose kit for KTM Adventure

KTM-13A perished or otherwise damaged coolant hose, could be hugely inconvenient when you’re on the road and it’s one of those things that is often overlooked. SamcoSport, the British manufacturer of high performance silicone hoses, have put together a 7-piece radiator kit for the KTM 990 Adventure, intriguingly known by the part number KTM 13.

These hoses are said to reduce engine temperatures and improve water flow (which will doubtless help when you secure that Sudanese visa), but are trusted implicitly by MotoGP and car race teams around the world so probably do fulfil the claims.

This direct replacement kit for the KTM 990 is of course available in orange, but also a host of other colours including traditional black and the original Samco blue.

Priced at £81.48 for all 7 hoses, in Cambridgeshire can also provide new stainless steel hose clamps to suit, for a further £22.